A Male Chastity Guide – Myths and Facts

Hopefully, you’ve have decided that Male Chastity is for you and you are ready to take the next steps! If you have, you will find this male chastity guide Beneficial to getting started on this pleasurable path. You and your partner will be pleased with the results. Believe me!


The First thing that you are going to want to do is make sure that you understand what exactly this lifestyle is all about. Many people assume that it is anti-sex, and that is false. It’s just simply about having amazing sex with your partner. There are a variety of belts that you can choose from such as: plastic devices, metal tubes, or even piercings.

People don’t want to get into male chastity because they may think that people will be able to tell that the belt is on. That is not true. The male Chastity belts are made to not be seen with clothes on. I would just advise men to not wear tight pants, then you might have the chance of showing.

Another Myth that people think is Male Chastity is unhealthy for your man. The man may encounter prostate problems if he doesn’t ejaculate every few weeks, but with your help there is a way he can expel his fluids, while still in his device, without climaxing. This way you both will be pleased and your man will remain healthy!

One of the most asked questions is “What is the use of a male chastity belt, if he can get it off easily.” That is False. Chastity Belts are made so that they can only be taken off by a medical professional. There are spikes in the belts too, so if he tried to take it off he would be in a lot of pain.

Hopefully, these myths and facts have shown you that this is a really fun lifestyle to get into, and it is not so harmful as people put it off to be. In my experiences, I’ve found it to be pleasurable and exciting. I am having the best time of my life, and I encourage you too!