Here they are: the books we recommend for you to know the basics of male chastity. In no particular order, let’s start with…

  • Male Chastity by Chris Bellows

    In this industrious tale of revenge, women of latent power rebel, turn the tides and end their frustration. A frustrated Millicent Hayward decides to end husband Harold’s annoying attempts to please himself with his inadequate equipment, locking away an organ which the women of the world will never miss. In doing so she finds a level of arousal not before achieved and a Harold who begins to better perform orally. Curious body modifications assist in Harold’s new role and Millicent enters a new world of feminine authority… Read more

  • Male Chastity: A Guide For Keyholders

    A non-threatening, female-friendly introduction to the topic of male chastity, ideal for nervous keyholders or as a love-offering from a would-be-chastened male… Read more
  • Male Chastity: A Novel of Muzzled Manhood Paperback

    How does a modern woman keep a handsome, virile husband in deep submission? The answer for some wives is Enforced Male Chastity. M. J. Rennie’s remarkable novel of Feminine Domination, considered a modern classic, reveals the discoveries of three contemporary couples who embrace the exalted highs, the deep, submissive lows, and the extreme ecstatic climaxes that Enforced Male Chastity produces. When they learn about the recent advent of safe, secure polycarbonate Male Chastity devices… Read more

  • Male Chastity and Marriage: The Complete Guide to Male Chastity and Orgasm Denial

    A complete and uncensored guide to a strict male chastity lifestyle… Read more

  • The Ultimate Woman’s Guide to Male Chastity

    If you are interested in this book, you are most probably a woman interested in broaching the matter of male chastity. You see, this book is all about male chastity – in other words, self control. The question is, how exactly can this male chastity thing help you and your partner’s sex life? You are probably confused, but you don’t have to worry, for you are not alone in this…. Read more