Guide to Milking with a Prostate Massager

Prostate milking is similar to a prostate massage. The prostate organ produces a milky fluid which is a major part of men ejaculate. The fluid is alkaline in nature and helps the ejected sperm to thrive in vagina’s acidic environment. It’s because of this milky fluid, prostate massaging is sometimes referred to as “prostate milking”. Are you looking forward to try prostate milking yourself? That’s great because the massage process is extremely important for the good health of the prostate gland. Besides, it also helps you to enjoy orgasmic pleasure and enhances your sex life. If you’re wearing one, you should first remove any anti-circumcision penis plugs. Otherwise, you may get an accident when you feel so much excitement.

You can perform prostate milking with a prostate massager or just any vibrator for man slave. The post below offers an expert guide on how to make the most of prostate milking with a massager.

Find the prostate

First of all, you have to know the exact location of the gland inside your body. You will be inserting the massager inside to milk the gland. So, if you are not aware of the exact location of the gland beforehand, it will be only a waste of them. For your information, the said gland is located 2-3” inside your rectum. It’s a small thing, something as small as a walnut.

Prepare yourself

You need to have a relaxed body and mind to enjoy prostate milking. According to experts, you must take a warm shower beforehand to relax your nerves. If you wish to enjoy the process with your partner, tell her to get a bath as well. You should never perform prostate milking in a rush. You need to give it time to explore the whole process at its best.

Besides, you should also trim/cut down and clean your nails. Tell your partner to follow the same. Gloves are the best to enjoy anal games. But some couples prefer the touch of raw skin on the body. Just take these little precautions and it will be all good.  You should also clean your anus thoroughly to avoid unpleasant experiences during inserting the massager inside.

To calm down the mind, take a few deep breaths. Don’t allow any thought that can put your mind at stress. Dim the light and play some light music to create a tranquil ambience.

Get a safe massager

There are several points to consider while choosing a prostate massager for prostate milking.

  • Go for a highly reputed brand backed by long list of happy users
  • The massager should be made from FDA-accredited materials, especially non-porous materials
  • The massager should be easy to clean
  • Go for a massager with flared base for safe anal use
  • Since this is your first time, get a small massager with thin diameter
  • Massagers with curve tip and bulbous head assure the best massage
  • If you want vibration while milking, look for a massager with in-built vibrator button

Lubrication is important

After you have got your massager, it’s time to get started for the actual process. Begin with adequate lubrication. Get a generous amount of anal lube and apply it on your prostate massager. It will help it go inside your body easily and fast. You should also apply some lube around the anus to make a smooth pathway for the massager.

How to milk

There are basically two ways how you can milk your prostate with the massager. One is the hands-free approach and the other is through a massager controlled by hand. If you want to enjoy with your partner, you can try the second option. But when you are alone, the hands-free approach will be the thing for you. In fact, as per the experts, the pleasure is more when you let the internal muscles do the thing for you.

First you should lay down on your back or side.  Lift the legs upwards with space in between so that you can easily access the anus. If you are alone, lay down on your back. If you are with your partner, lay down on your side.

Let’s talk about the hands-free approach first. Once you have lubed up the massager and the anus, you are ready to go. Slowly insert the device into your anus. Don’t use fingers to push it inside. The internal muscles will do it for you. You will simply need to clench the pelvic muscles. This clenching act will take the massager to your prostate and press it for a relaxing hands-free stimulation.

If you want to control the massager by hand, you have to get a one with handle. Then, you can just simply insert it inside and rub it back & forth for the stimulation. Be gentle with the rubbing as you are sending the device inside your body. A rough approach can injure the internal muscles and make the whole experience extremely painful.

You may feel little discomfort initially. But as you continue doing it, you will gradually get to experience some truly rewarding and unforgettable moments.